8 apps must-have on your mobile

To your surprise, the current market has more than 2 million apps. Whether you are tech-savvy or not, your phone requires these 8 apps must-have on your mobile to make your work easier and better.

These apps are quite different and need your attention. Here is the list of 8 must-have apps on your mobile.

8 Must-have apps on your mobile 

Any do is an easy app to list down things that you don’t want to forget. Now, you don’t have to worry about the paper and a pen because you can write all your points down in this app. It has a ‘Moment’ feature that guides you about what you need to do in the future. 

Walk up alarm clock

Some people put an alarm but fail to wake up. We know it becomes quite tricky if you have to go to a meeting. You can use this app that works on a walk-up function. This app continuously beeps unless you wake up and take ten steps. Isn’t that amazing! 

Tune in radio

Whether you are a music lover or a sports lover, this app is your one-stop solution. It has approximately 1,00,000 stations, you can listen to what is happening around the sports world, and at the same time listen to music. 


Looking for a room, apartment, house, or any other accommodation while traveling. Then, this app is a must one. It is your simple solution for stays at different places. This app also has additional features that help you in finding local markets, restaurants all around. 


Dropbox is a cloud service that keeps all your stuff. It can backup your images and automatically upload them to the cloud. It has other features like editing tools. 


You can use this platform for people who want to record their podcasts or listen to other podcasts. This app helps you to build a community and have some audio editing features as well. 

Google pay

With the advent of digital marketing, Google pay has become an essential app on your mobile. It helps you with easy transactions anywhere. 


Fitbit is the best apps for fitness freaks. This tracker works on your smartphone and keeps a count of your steps and other activities. It helps you set fitness goals and activities. It has different social features too.

These were the 8 apps must-have apps on your mobile. Install them and make your work fun and easy.

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