Realistic Micro-Habits to live better every day


Everyone has entered a world in which gadgets surround us. One sometimes needs to relax, that is ok. But every time using the same for your work and entertainment make you rely on these gadgets. For example, The person cannot live without the fans and air conditioners even for a while. To avoid light, one has invented the generator to keep them cool when the electricity goes off. Micro Habits will not help you in vast ways, but by doing some life changes, one can make themselves fit and healthy.

Let us look at some of the micro habits that will help you out in your life to save time.

Five micro habits that you should implement in your life are as follows:

Take hot water instead of coffee. 

  • Many people are habituated to drink some or other beverages as they wake up in the morning.
  • Mostly the housewives have the habit of drinking coffee and tea as they freshen up. This harms you a lot. As you add the sugar granules to it, it will give your digestive system a sudden jerk. You can understand it as the whole night you slept. Didn’t eat anything else in that duration. So, to start your digestive system again the next day, sugar granules are a big jerk to them.
  • Hot or warm water helps you to detoxify your body. Detoxification means clearing all the junk you ate last night.
  • It is essential for the body. If not, it can develop many diseases in the body.

Avoid using the smartphone at least one hour ago before you go to bed.

  • The smartphone is the way to all the people for many tasks in their life. But to use it every time is not worthy. Many of us have the habit of sleeping in the bed and operating your smartphone.
  • This is very dangerous as smartphone radiation can make the eyes of the people much weaker. 99% of the reason of the spectacles for the people is proved to use the smartphone.
  • Avoiding it, you can relax your mind and eyes too.

If possible, clean a floor with the hand cloth’s help and not by using any tools.

  • Many of us suffer from obesity due to having junk all the time and no time for exercise.
  • No need to take extra time for the exercise. Cleaning the floor with the help of a hand cloth helps the entire body warm-up and workout.

Instead of tea, take the green tea.

  • Tea is the most likable beverage and the addiction also. Many of the people suffer from the headache if they don’t get it on time.
  • To avoid sugar, make green tea.

Green tea boosts up your metabolic rate to digest the eaten food. 

Avoid eating while watching the television

  • Having any the food any time I the lunch or the dinner avoid watching the television.
  • The show which you observe on the TV impacts the food too along with your brain.
  • Also, you never know what amount of food you are having.


Micro habits do not much help you, but some of them might also help you out if you try. Some little changes make the significant change. To implant these habits, one even don’t need to take the extra time in their schedule.

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